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About Dark and Edgy:
Dark and Edgy is a guild on EU-Silvermoon. We raid twice per week, from 20:30 - 24:00 on Fridays and 18:00-23:00 on Sundays Server Time.

Our members have vast experience from raiding since WoW's release in Europe. Most of us know each other since Molten Core. A lot of us have hardcore backgrounds, but have turned away from that raiding lifestyle and now prefer raiding 2-3 times per week. We still want to play and raid as efficiently as possible, and make sure we play our classes at the maximum of their potential.

We are socially active and want to enjoy raids, while making the most of our time. There is a lot of fun raid banter, while we are also very focused when progressing on a fight, or it is required.

Our raiding team requires players who are dedicated and know what they are doing. Players are required to have complete knowledge of their class and spec. Everyone needs to know their rotation, stat priorities (etc...) perfectly, and be up to date about any changes being made to their class, and how they affect them.

Social members are always welcome to apply.

We do not accept members below the age of 18.
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